VAA experts provide individualized services ranging from Income Tax planning, Return filing, resolving Tax queries, dealing with the Income Tax department for obtaining Tax refunds and assisting in any other hardship which you might face in the course of tax proceedings.

Tax Return Filing

VAA provides expert services for correct and timely filing of your return and also takes care of your income tax file at every stage till the assessment is complete.

Tax Planning

VAA will analyse your taxes based on your current income and would suggest ways to save more taxes. This would assist you in making tax saving investments as well as planning the taxability of your business income in each quarter.

Tax Refunds

It is frustrating to wait to get your money back when you have paid your taxes on time. Sometimes there are technical difficulties; sometimes the reasons are unknown or due to lack of a fast processing system at the department. Whatever be the reason, we will help you in processing your return and getting refund from the Income Tax Department.


PAN is mandatory while filing Income tax Returns and TAN is mandatory while filing your TDS / TCS Returns. VAA helps you in not only getting new PAN/TAN but also rectification of the same or updation of any details, if it required doing so. We assist you in getting a PAN/TAN in 10-15 days, subject to processing time by the department.


If you have committed any mistake in respect of any details provided in the return, then you have the option of rectifying the same. However, it may take a long time to process and rectify the same till the department is convinced by your clarification. VAA eases this tedious process by communicating with the department on your behalf and also attending to any notice of demand, if received from the department due to the mistake.

Tax Queries

If You are not sure of deductions to claim resulting into payment of unnecessary taxes or not sure of tax saving investments, deduction in respect of housing and education loans, taxability of Gifts in kind or cash, classification of income under appropriate Income head, taxability and disclosure of foreign income, double taxation avoidance treaties, deduction of TDS etc, you need not worry for any of above. Our experts will satisfy your queries in the simplest manner possible and guide you along thoroughly.

NRI Taxation

Non – Resident Individuals and Persons of Indian Origin are extremely concerned about issues like taxation of their income from India, sale and purchase of properties in India and outside, FEMA and RBI Compliances and such other issues. Get All NRI Taxation Issues resolved by availing our “NRI Taxation” Services.

Income Tax Return Filing

Every company, LLP, Partnership Firm irrespective of its income has to file income tax return. Correct and timely filing of Income tax return is important to avoid interest and penalties by the Income Tax department. Also Income Tax Returns filing is essential to upgrade your credibility in the market.

Avoid delay; you may be losing out on something:

  • Filing Income Tax Returns always helps you access many Financial Benefits such as availing bank Credits;
  • Most countries rely on your income tax returns to know whether you are financially sound before they issue you a visa;
  • You will have to pay interest and heavy penalties if you don’t file Income Tax Return on time;
  • You don’t get benefit of carry forward losses if you don’t file Income Tax Return on time.

VAA can make it convenient for you by preparing, reviewing and submitting your Income Tax Return promptly.

Details & Documents

Get in touch with our expert and you will be briefed about all the details and documents required for filling the return. Our expert will collect all the documents and ensure free communication with you for any further query.